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7 routes 33 stops
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Privacy Statement

Upon providing their personal information, the users of this website acknowledge that they have read and accepted the terms of this statement.

Each time when we ask for the website user’s personal information means the decision to provide this information is made solely by the user.  If the user does not provide their personal information it’s may prevent them from enjoying our services  which required said information.

Storage of Registration Information

Certain sections of this website can only be accessed by registered users.  By submitting the online registration form the user certifies that the information provided by them is complete and accurate, and that the answers provided by them are correct to the best of their knowledge.  By submitting the online registration form the user grants their permission to Program Centrum Kft. to use their personal information to organize and plan the advertised programs and to pass this information on to our partners with the same permissions.


All information provided by the user, be it personal or company-related, is done only on a voluntary basis. This refers to such information as email addresses, names, addresses, bank information, etc.

Program Centrum Kft. will protect this information to the best of its ability by using the necessary technical and organizational measures within its capacity, and will also take the necessary measures to ensure the privacy and security of this data.  Program Centrum Kft. will treat the provided personal information with confidentiality in line with data protection laws and international customs as described in this statement.

Our reasons for collecting your information:

  • For identification purposes with respect to booking and participating in our programs
  • For the technical operations of our services and to allow us to share this necessary information with our program partners
  • To prevent unauthorized access to your personal information
  • To comply with data protection and handling laws
  • To deliver newsletters
  • For the continued development of the website


We may ask the user to provide proof of their identity to fulfill the data management requirements.

The legal basis for the management of this data is the authorization provided by the website user.

Personal information provided by the website’s users can only be accessed by Program Centrum Kft. and our partners.

Program Centrum Kft. will only  pass your personal information on to a third party or make it public in the event of legal proceedings (such as a warrant or court order) requiring it to do so.  In these cases Program Centrum Kft. will comply with the law.


Individuals can ask to be informed of the data we possess on them and how we plan to handle it, on its legal basis, the length of time we hold the data, what we plan to do with said data, and at any time can ask to have their personal information corrected, modified, changed or deleted.

If there remain any questions that have not been answered by this statement, or if any problems should arise, we ask that the customer contact our data protection agent at the following email address:sales@programcentrum.hu

In the event that the privacy law is not respected the data protection ombudsman can be corrected to rectify the situation or the matter can be taken to a court of law.

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